January 7, 2010

My First Mini-Contest !!

As a way of thanking the Lord for all the blessings he given me last year, 2009 and to further promote my blog I am starting a MINI-CONTEST, sponsored by SM City Marilao and Let's Go Sago! Thank you sponsors :)

1st Prize: P500 SM Gift Certificate
2nd Prize: 2 Tickets to Philippine Science Centrum + a Sunvisor Cap
3rd Prize: P300 SM Gift Certificate
4th Prize: P200 SM Gift Certificate
5th Prize: SURFvivor Shirt (From LetsGoSago.Net)
6th Prize: SURFvivor Shirt (From LetsGoSago.Net)
7th Prize: P100 worth of Cellphone Loads
8th Prize: P100 worth of Cellphone Loads
9th Prize: P100 worth of Cellphone Loads
10th Prize: P100 worth of Cellphone Loads
11th Prize: 1,000 Entrecard Credits
12th Prize: 1,000 Entrecard Credits

1. This will just take 5 minutes of your time! Sign-up at Fizzer.PH (the newest Pinoy social networking website like Facebook & Friendster) Upload one Photo & add your High School or University.
2. Announced on Twitter, FaceBook, Plurk or Friendster that you joined my mini-contest. The instructions are here.

That's it. Just sign up & announce and you have 10 Points to this contest. After that fill-up the form here (this is important) and you will received a confirmation e-mail :)

1. I will use a randomizer that can be found at Random.org. I will put your name based on your points, so if you have 20 points your name will appear 20 times.
2. Then I will click RANDOMIZE.
3. The winners will be based on the arrangement of results. Top 12 wins the prize. Click here to see a sample result.

(these is not required, but would increase your chances of winning)
1. Blog about this contest +3 points.
2. Tweet & FaceBook about this contest once per day. +1 point
3. Add the contest banner in your blog +2
4. Announce this contest in a FORUM website you belong to. +2 points
6. Leave a comment on Let' sGo Sago!, Jay.eLx & SM City Marilao blog +2points
7. There will be a prize for the person with most number of points ;)
8. Get another person to sign up using my link  +5

1. Open only to Pinoys living in the Philippines.
2. The SM Gift Certificates sponsored by SM City Marilao, is usable anywhere in the Philippines. You can use it at SM Department Store, SM SuperMarket, SM HyperMarket, SaveMore, SM Appliance, ACE Hardware, A Discount Club, Baby & Co., Factory Sale Outlet, Hardware Workshop, Kultura, Our Home, SM Cinema, SM Bowling, SM Ice Skating, selected outlet at SM FoodCourt, Sports Central, Super Sale Club, Surplus Shop, Toy Kingdom, Watsons & IMAX.
3. The Philippine Science Centrum is the first ever interactive science center museum in the Philippines and is located at Riverbanks in Marikina.
3. You can win more than one, so more entry more chances of winning. Contest ends on Valentines Day! Winners will be announced 7 days after.
2. If you are a winner, I will ship the prize for free if you're outside Metro Manila. If you are just near me, I will just arrange a meet-up.
3. You can only win the 2 SURFvivor Shirt & the 2,000 EC Credits if you linked Let' sGo Sago! , Jay.eLx & SM City Marilao in your blogs.
4. The P100 worth of Cellphone Load prize is available for any mobile network of your choice.

Hindi mo ba maintindihan? basahin ang tagalog version :)
Other questions ? Leave a comment below :)


  1. Hahahaha cool contest/post at may tagalog version pa, definitely sasali ako dito, yehey!

  2. followed u :) posted it on my other blog :)





  3. naks!!! makasali kaya??

  4. Hi i joined

    member of fizzer.com
    I twitt it
    I blog it here>>> http://kasai-mysimplelife.blogspot.com/2010/01/jay-elx-first-mini-contest.html

    I announced it here




    Hope i could win one of the 12 prizes


  5. Question! :) What if I already have a fizzer account prior to joining your contest? Is that ok? ty

  6. Just joined this contest, blog about this ( http://bit.ly/84GNh9 ) , Tweeted and FB Shares too :)

    Happy New Year!

  7. hi pwede bang walng school hindi n kasi ako nag-aaral eh?

  8. hi! where can I find your contest banner? thanks!

  9. saki rin ako hehe +1 pt?

  10. nice contest jay! goodluck to all.. sali din ako haha..

  11. Anonymous9:36 PM

    student lang po pwede? :) Thank you!

  12. yey!! done na po..thanks!! =)

  13. marilet10:47 AM

    hi just announce ur contest in my facebook, friendster, plurk nd twitter...

  14. Anonymous11:31 AM

    hi.. i cant add a school or university.. what seems to be the problem? please help.. thanks..

  15. asensado ka na ah!


    This are the current stats:

    34 people who join
    16 are valid (uploaded 1 pic + added a school)
    but only
    6 people e-mailed me.

    How will I know your Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Plurk & Friendster links if you didn't sign up the form here:

    The other people who joined but did not upload a pic & added a school you still have time :)

  17. I give up..its so hard to upload a photo its either its too big or too small...hay i got tired resizing

  18. i cant add a school or profile picture also

  19. @Chubbymommyme:
    there's seem to have a problem at Fizzer.PH i hope they will sort it out soon. Please try to upload tommorow.

    I tried to add another picture at my profile and I also can't there's a bug on their site. Please try to upload tommorow.

    Regarding your school, some people who join this contest told me that they can't find their school on Fizzer, so they just choose the one that is near (Maybe, you just do the same)

    I already sent an e-mail to Fizzer because my school is not there also :)

  20. Anonymous asked: student lang po pwede? :) Thank you!

    NO. All Filipinos 13 years old & up can join :)

    Ellen Joy asked: Question! What if I already have a fizzer account prior to joining your contest? Is that ok? ty

    NO. If you want you can sign-up your husband, sister, friend or classmate. With their consent of course.

    Ellen asked: hi pwede bang walng school hindi n kasi ako nag-aaral eh?

    You can add your Elementary School or High School instead.

  21. subscribed to fizzer, tweet it, shouted it on my facebook and friendster account, sana valid entry ko and hope to win 1 of the 12 prizes thanks!

  22. makasali nga. .ehehhe...

  23. di ako makaupload ng photo, di ako makaad ng school.. i guess there's something wrong sa fizzer..

  24. Pwede bang malaman kelan deadline and since random.org at pwedeng lumabas na madami ang pangalan? So pwedeng dalawa o tatlong premyo makuha ng isang tao? Tama ba?

  25. Hayzz, sabi naupload na picture, tapos biglang mawawala.

  26. @Kuya R:

    TAMA. it's WRITTEN on the post above that: 3. You can win more than one, so more entry more chances of winning. Contest ends on Valentines Day!

    really? sira pa rin ba ang Fizzer? i thought okay na kase I tried uploading on my profile yesterday morning okay naman eh. Try mo kaya ulit.

  27. posted about this contest at:


    my fizzer username is millette05

  28. Anonymous8:00 PM

    when is the draw date?

  29. signed up @ fizz email : thecontestgeek@gmail.com
    blog: http://www.thecontestgeek.com/2010/01/13/jay-elx-first-mini-giveaway/
    twit: http://twitter.com/thecontestgeek/status/7707192330
    badge is on my post

  30. @Anonymous:
    a week after.

  31. Ayan, okay narin ang site, I was able to upload a photo na.

    Anyway, these are my entries:

    Forum: http://www.femalenetwork.com/girltalk/index.php/topic,202110.820.html

    Blog: http://freebie-natic.blogspot.com/2010/01/gcs-shirts-tickets-up-for-grabs.html



    I hope I win.

  32. Hi, jayl!

    I just want to know if you have received my e-mail about the "forums" that I have submitted yesterday. I haven't received confirmation pa kasi from you.


  33. hi May.. wait lang po ha :) chine-check ko kase one by one & marami kase akong e-mail entry na natatanggap..

    but rest assured that all valid points will be counted, please bear with me ;)

  34. Hi i joined

    member of Fizzer.PH and uploaded a picture..

    I tweet it: http://twitter.com/coryfranz

    POst it in my FB accnt: http://www.facebook.com/dickcory?ref=profile

    post it in my friendster: http://profiles.friendster.com/dickcory

    blog it and linked Let' sGo Sago! , Jay.eLx & SM City Marilao: http://dickcory.multiply.com/journal/item/3/My_First_Mini-Contest_

    announced it:


    PS: I can't add my school.. y?

    Thanks! hope I win! :)

  35. real nice contest. I wish, i wish , manalo ako.

  36. @eiram:
    what's your school ba? puede rin naman HIGH SCHOOL ang i-add mo eh :)

  37. hello..

    ntry ko na e add school ulit bt still ayaw..
    no such scholl daw ung Saint Paul University..

  38. hi I already sent a bug report at

    & then they answer to use FIREFOX as your browser.

  39. jay, thanks for the updates... sori kung makulit ako...

  40. I'm using firefox already, bt still ayaw pa din.. huh!

  41. Hi I already submitted my form. Nareceive mo ba?

    And saan dapat mag comment for extra entries?

  42. @Colwin:
    Yup, I think I got it icoconfirm ko pa mamaya. Extra entries? dun din sa sign-up form here:

  43. Nag sign up na ako dun. And I already submitted the form too.

    May confirmation e-mail ba akong marereceive?

  44. yup as stated on the post, all verified entries will received a confirmation e-mail. Just make sure you fill up the sign-up form at

    so I can know all the things that you did

  45. I filled up the form na.

    But I don't receive the confirmation e-mail. :S

  46. kasesent ko lng 51 minutes ago.

    Fizzer+Twitter +10 points
    FS +2
    Plurk +2
    Blogs +6

    =20 points :)

  47. Yey! 20 points na ako! Dagdagan ko pa. Hehe. :D Para more chance of winning.

  48. Jay! Di mo sinama ang points na paglalagay ng banner sa blog ko. I posted 2 banners in my blog. Yung banner ng contest mo. Check mo nga.

  49. I posted a blog post ulit sa isa kong blog. :D

  50. Colwin10:03 PM

    Just submitted a form with the link of my latest tweet about your contest.

    Hope you count the point in. Kahit pa piso piso yung point tweet. :P

    What do you mean by BANNER pala.

  51. twitter http://twitter.com/nekialorddie

    plurk http://www.plurk.com/laikencortez

    fs http://www.friendster.com/shoutoutstream.php?uid=99519748

    fb http://www.facebook.com/laiken.cortez?ref=profile

    tumbler http://www.tumblr.com/tumblelog/nekialorddie

    blog http://nekialorddie.blogspot.com/2010/01/as-way-of-thanking-lord-for-all.html

    here's my entry, fizzzer name is nekialorddie.. ^_^

  52. http://nekialorddie.blogspot.com/2009/12/view-to-remember-amez-aethen-aimless.html

    your links in my blog.. ~nekialorddie here ^_^

  53. irma3298:16 PM

    posted on my FS and FB,hope to win. Goodluck

  54. Congrats, Jay! I'll tell my internet marketing students about you. :-)

  55. posted this contest at my blog - http://momentosofgrowingup.blogspot.com/2010/01/win-sm-gift-certificate-surfvivor.html

    my fizzer username is curtney

  56. my fizzer name is millette05

    posted this contest at my blog: http://luckyfinds-shareapic.blogspot.com/2010/01/mini-contest-at-jay-elx.html

    sent a message via plurk http://www.plurk.com/millette05

  57. I twitted: http://twitter.com/millette05/status/7942646677

  58. posted this contest at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?v=feed&story_fbid=260297881386&id=1649425764&ref=nf

    my facebook ID is millette05

  59. post it in my blog jay-el


  60. Anonymous12:26 PM

    i twitted and posted at my twitter and FB account, sana manalo ako! (crossing my fingers!)

    my fizzer name is cescylle

  61. nice strategy jay-elx! the more your referrals here the more chances of winning the prizes on fizzer.ph's New Year Blow-out. Tulungan system lang! happy 2010!

  62. Get another person to sign up using my link +5

  63. Anonymous4:40 PM


  64. Joined your contest
    finished sign up, then

    Blog it
    Twit it
    Posted on facebook status
    Shout it at friendster

    Done Extra Ticket at numbers 1, 2, and 6

    goodluck (cross finger)

  65. just wondering, may nanalo na po ba?

    And by the way, my contest has just began, hope you can join too and thank you for sponsoring again.


  66. as written on the post above, this contest will end on Feb 14 & the winners will be announced a week after :)

  67. Hindi ako nagparticipate dito kasi galit ako kay Mr. Random.org eh. haha. Yeah. Unwise decision! haha

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